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The Play That Goes Wrong - a Mischief Theatre production

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Friday, 18 June 2021

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Sunday, 3 November 2024

Running time
2 hours (incl. interval)

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The Play That Goes Wrong

Meet the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society. They're absolutely dreadful, one of the most inept and talentless college amateur dramatics societies in Britain. When they come into an unexpected sum of money they can finally afford to stage a 1920s murder mystery. But everything that can go wrong does go wrong, as the group of horribly accident prone Thespians try, against considerable odds, to achieve the final curtain call.

If you like your plays funny you'll fall about laughing at the antics of this lot, a classic spoof if there ever was one. And it's already well on its way to becoming a cult theatre hit in the making. As Charles Spencer, the Telegraph's theatre critic, said: “For one hour the audience is bludgeoned with a succession of sight gags, mistimed lines, misplaced props and collapsing scenery that creates a rising tide of hysteria in the audience. I haven’t laughed so much in a theatre since the last revival of Noises Off.

You will never forget the hapless police inspector who pretends to take notes using a bunch of keys and a vase. The chaos that happens when the butler serves raw white spirit to the characters because he poured the fake whisky into a coal bucket. Or the lead role, who has a brilliant knack of mispronouncing the simplest words. One of the funniest plays to hit the West End for ages!

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Young Couples:

Getting It Right For The Play That Goes Wrong
We really enjoyed the play and found it very entertaining. Acting was good. The theatre had a good homely atmosphere so the play was at the correct theatre. I would definitely recommend it to others.
Mike, 25 Sep 2023
A must see
Saw it for the second time, brought friends and kolleges - we all come from Germany-had a really great evening-thanks you so much and go ahead
diana, 22 Sep 2023
Lots of gags, some physical and some verbal. Not much to the story but that’s kind of not the point. I found myself chuckling a lot.
Kimberly, 22 Sep 2023
Super hilarious
The cast made it so much fun with all the interactions the done to the audience. Wasn't sure if I would like it at first but ended up loving it.
Natasha, 20 Sep 2023
Brilliantly funny!
We're from the Netherlands and wanted to go to a theater show; didn't think it would be so hilariously funny! The timing of all tge the actors was impeccable!!! Just go and see and have a great time.
Karin, 13 Sep 2023
Silly but worth going - jus what I needed!
I was after relaxing afternoon and it was just that.
Arleta, 11 Sep 2023
Laugh out loud
Fun for all .Panto fun
Mark, 10 Sep 2023
Fabulous, very funny, a must see!
Absolutely fantastic, rib tickling, never laughed so much ever. It was fantastic from the word go!
Shally, 06 Sep 2023
My second time at Play That Went Wrong
The West End has a long history of well timed farce. The Play That Went Wrong was hysterical. Start to finish, well timed laughs and great fun. Highly recommended.
Steve, 05 Sep 2023
A rollercoaster of a rollicking good romp!
I was treated to a performance of this play, and what a great night out it was. It was funny from the start and got even funnier and more manic throughout the course of the play, until the tour de force ending, which was unexpected and left you wondering how they actually managed to achieve the special effects. It was really was a laugh a minute and deserves the full house and standing ovation from the audience at the end of the play. The Play That Goes Wrong, certainly seemed to go right for those of us in the theatre. Well done to the cast and crew.
Jane, 03 Sep 2023
Fantastic show which we all loved, crying with laughter from start to finish
This was a Fantastic show which we all loved, crying with laughter from start to finish. Superb slapstick comedy timed to perfection and made to look easy, when obviously very complex. The cast were all superb with the whole audience giving them a three minutes standing applause at the end.
David, 03 Sep 2023
Light-harded, fun theatrical show
Actors were personable, came out ahead of time and before 2nd half to interact with the audience. Actors were excellent and fit their parts! Great humor and fun for all ages!
Susan, 23 Aug 2023
It was great!
A friend of mine recommended this to me, so we went. It was amazing, we laughed the entire time. I would definitely recommend this to anyone else going to London.
Eva Maria, 20 Aug 2023
Hilarious! Creative tricks in a fun story!
The show provided consistent laughs every few seconds with an exceptionally talented cast and elaborate choreography!
DALE, 17 Aug 2023
The best bread since sliced show
Bought my two boys - who loved it - big fans
Peter, 15 Aug 2023
hilarious we laughed from beginning to end
a really good slapstick comedy. there were a lot of children at the show and they were howling with laughter the whole way through, lovely to hear such joy all around. totally entertained from beginning to end. we were 4 adults and thoroughly enjoyed the whole show. I would recommend to anyone who enjoys a good laugh. take your kids.
Thirza, 11 Aug 2023
A verbal, visual and energetic comedy everyone must see.
Absolutely hysterical. High energy physical comedy combined with superb timing and excellent scripts. The family and I loved it. 10/10
Paul, 09 Aug 2023
Creative and clean
Well acted, good timing and super set design and use
Donald, 05 Aug 2023
Alexandra, 27 Jul 2023
What a fantastic way to start a weekend in London! This show is probably the best acted i have ever seen!! The cast played along with the audience and i had the best laugh i have had in ages!! The mishaps were perfectly timed. IT IS A MUST SEE ....and i have been to hundreds of productions IN MY LIFETIME!!!
Michael, 24 Jul 2023
Excellent On Stage Antics
Some adult humor and antics. The young ones may miss the jokes, but teenagers will definitely understand. Some sexual in nature.
Dominick, 18 Jul 2023
Best thing I’ve seen in ages
Standing ovation at the end - what more can I say? I’ve seen this twice before on stage - gets better each time. Tonight’s show had even more athleticism, comic timing and energy than before. So this play keeps being recreated and kept fresh. Every single person in the audience was in hysterics for most of the play from start to finish. Amazing stunts. Well done to all and thanks again!
Mohua, 11 Jul 2023
Kept me laughing the entire time.
Maureen, 10 Jul 2023
A must see
Absolutely fabulous.So funny.So well acted and timing spot on.I would definitely like to see it again
Helen, 08 Jul 2023
The physical comedy and the technical requirements to make things go wrong was so entertaining. I was not in the mood for a musical but wanted something light hearted and funny. This was a very funny play to enjoy in the West End. A small, intimate production and atmosphere. Arrive by 7 at the latest to see the 'start' of the show.
Allan, 07 Jul 2023
Best Medicine
A real treat to be able to forget the difficult times we are living in and just laugh and laugh with the whole family. Hope to get tickets for Peter Pan at the Mayflower in October. Thankyou.
Carol, 02 Jul 2023
Loved it! Laughed my a$$ off!
What a funny show. I couldn’t help by laugh out loud!
Michelle, 30 Jun 2023
I laughed until I cried
Fabulous show. Very clever set. Dress in cool clothes as there is no air conditioning.
Nicky, 30 Jun 2023
Whodunnit meets the Marx Brothers
The actors were brilliant but were overshadowed by the excessive slapstick.
Dhane, 25 Jun 2023
This is by far the funniest play I've seen.
Mark, 23 Jun 2023
Fun and exciting story. The acting was never dull or boring. And refreshments and service were excellent. I recommend the comedy and overall theater experience to anyone. This is my first visit to London, and this show plus visiting the theatre district was definitely worthwhile.
Kay Lynn, 22 Jun 2023
Slap stick Clever
Be prepared for a really silly show. It's obvious humour, with only fun intended. If you don't enjoy obvious, but Well acted comedy, don't see this show. However, if you like an Innocent cleverly put together cast of good actors delivery well written comedy.. You'll love this show.
Eliza, 18 Jun 2023
So funny and clearly written non stop laughing from start to end
Absolutely loved the show We thought the actors did an amazing job and can not believe all the stunts they pulled off, how they managed not to hurt themselves I wi never know. Fantastic show and great value for money.
Rebecca, 18 Jun 2023
Laughed from beginning to end. Loved the actors interacting with theaudience before the show and during the interval. Can’t wait to see the next one.
Debbie, 18 Jun 2023
Barrell of laughs, must watch for all the family!
It's was very funny right from the start, my 2 teenagers and 7 year old absolutely loved it they couldn't stop laughing and talking about it even after the show had finished.
Sharon, 18 Jun 2023
Haven't laughed that hard in a while
I've wanted to watch this for quite some time and fathers day seemed like the perfect excuse to get my dad and me some tickets. We both absolutely loved it!! You laugh non stop. Its incredibly smart slapstick humour and fast paced. Definitely trying to come back soon!
Leonie, 17 Jun 2023
Excellent play
Really funny and great show. Definately worth watching.
Hetal, 06 Jun 2023
Light and lots of fun
This show was deliberately melodramatic and light, not taking itself seriously. It was enjoyable and very cleverly produced.
David, 04 Jun 2023
Hilarious show
Very funny show with a lot of slapstick comedy. Silly, but very enjoyable.
Richard, 03 Jun 2023
Laughs a plenty
Very well acted comedy of errors. Anything and everything that could go wrong, does. Despite numerous setbacks, the cast manfully carry on. Lots of gags to keep everyone entertained.
Abhijit, 31 May 2023
Hilarious show
This was the funniest show I’ve ever seen. I laughed through the whole thing. I think the British have the same sense of humour as us Australians. Seriously slapstick comedy.
Margaret, 27 May 2023
Absolutely hilarious and a must see!
I don't think I ever stopped laughing for more that a minute the entire show.
Racheal, 24 May 2023
Brilliant ridiculous fun
We took our 10 year old to see this for his birthday. He, and we, loved it. A joyous way to spend an evening.
Thomas, 21 May 2023
Dramatic and full of laughs. Would be happy to see again!
From staff on entry and exit. From start to end of the play. We couldn't help laughing and enjoying it so much that we wanted more and didn't want to go away. Fantastic play so much to laugh at. Great choice to make for our first theatre visit ever. Will seek the other plays the cast do and come again with family. Brilliant night out.
Theresa, 19 May 2023
Fun in a friendly environment
The show was more than 2 hours, with a short break in the middle and most of the time was spent laughing out loud. There's a bit too much slapstick for my taste, but it was well done and appropriate. The actors were very good and very communicative, as well as able to improvise when the situation required so.
Roberto, 16 May 2023
A brilliant show for people who appreciate talent and a really good laugh
Charlene, 14 May 2023
Creative, brilliant and funny
Timing emaculate, acting was supurb
D, 06 May 2023
A funny night out
A good laugh throughout the show. A clever and talented cast.
Pamela, 03 May 2023
Great Visit
The show was very good but not for English as a second language. Many couples who were not English speaking did not get the jokes. The tickets being sent to my phone was a night mare as I don't have a smart phone and I couldn't down load to a hard copy.
Rachel, 26 Apr 2023
Fantastic evening
This show was delightfully funny, non stop laughing, we all went home exhausted, can’t imagine how the cast felt. Great cast, great set, we will return for the Peter Pan show at Christmas. Thank you
Sally-Anne, 23 Apr 2023
DIEGO ALBERTO, 21 Apr 2023
Hilarious and very well played
Tears of laughter and amazed by the energy of the actors. We had a splendid evening!
Ingeborg, 20 Apr 2023
So Brilliant
Hilarious from even before it began. We haven’t laughed so much in ages. Went home with aching cheeks.
Lee, 19 Apr 2023
Fun, silly, different
Had a great time at this show. First half was definately stronger, while the ending was a little chaotic, and a tad long. Overall a very good show with a good cast and decent presentation.
Jon, 16 Apr 2023
Quite funny
Okay, it’s not intellectual comedy or anything, but it hit the spot. We laughed out loud and thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Worth seeing if you’re in the right mindset.
Barry, 08 Apr 2023
The play that goes wrong
I ached so much from laughing. It was a brilliant play and how the set worked was amazing.
Sue, 08 Apr 2023
Hilarious from start to finish!
Have seen this play before but this production is a couple of notches above. We were luck enough to get the new Mischief Theatre cast on their debut night- what a talented group, not a weak link in the bunch, if you’re in the mood to laugh til your cheeks hurt go see this.
Marie, 05 Apr 2023
Spring Break at the Theater
Definitely worth the price of admission. Thank you for a good show!
orlando, 28 Mar 2023
a play that anyone with a silly sense of humour would love
I thought it was brilliantly directed and choreographed - one inch the wrong way and someone could have got hurt! I'm not a lover of farce, but this was really very clever. I brought my grandson for his birthday. We had the misfortune to sit in front of a woman with a very loud, raucous laugh.
Wendy, 18 Mar 2023
Really funny and are the actors are great, each having its own way of acting
PASCALE, 13 Mar 2023
Laughed so hard it gave me a headache
I don't remember the last time I laughed so much. Great performances all around. First half was better than second in my opinion. But that doesn't mean it was lackluster in any sense.
Vivek, 05 Mar 2023
Don't miss this show - fantastic comic acting and perfect timing. it really was absolutely hilarious!
Steve, 03 Mar 2023
Good, slapstick spoof murder mystery
My 14 year old son thought this was the highlight of our trip to London. Very funny and silly. Kept us entertained. Nice small theatre so felt close in to the action.
Heather, 23 Feb 2023
Fast moving comedy
A very good night out- expect the unexpected. Every part of the set involved . Very clever in the use of 3 stories running side by side .
Alison, 17 Feb 2023
Organised chaos
Delightful show, very well performed. Even if the theme was predictable the delivery was perfect
Stephen, 13 Feb 2023
Silly but funny moments throughout
Comedy timing perfect , audience involvement , silly slapstick humour at its best .
Stephen, 12 Feb 2023
Funny and well staged
A pleasant surprise The acting is mastered, the set is gorgeous and well staged, dialogs are funny,... Have a good night with this spiritual play !
Jordaël, 12 Feb 2023
Completly crazy, but a very good laugh.
Good crazy entertainment in a good theater
Michael, 22 Jan 2023
Laughed all the way and i don’t usually laugh at slapstick.
Loved it. So funny.
Sarah, 22 Jan 2023
Very amusing
Not professional, but good stage craft and timing and very athletic roles by the cast. Slapstick and a pleasant change from the norm. No microphones, fast speaking, dialogue difficult to hear.
Derek, 12 Jan 2023
The Play That Goes Wrong gets it right.
Very very funny, performed with huge amounts of energy, superb farce, lots of tricks, the set is brilliant. If you like theatre or ever did am-dram there's plenty of little nods, if you didn't (like my kids), there's endless gags, buffoonery and relentless pace, the cast are clearly enjoying themselves immensely. It does exactly what you want it to, and by the end it brings the house down. I loved it, my two boys 11 and 9 loved it.
Richard, 09 Jan 2023
Wrong done right!
Not exactly Shakespeare, but a great night on the West End. Lots of laughs, physical comedy, and running gags throughout. Very accessible if you have a friend who doesn’t normally go to shows.
Thomas, 04 Jan 2023
Brilliant comedy you didn’t know you needed!
This show was absolutely brilliant, the comedic timing and calibre of the cast was excellent. I would urge everyone to go and watch without any preconceived ideas! Go half an hr hour so you can go through bag search, get snacks and settle into your seats.
Netia, 21 Dec 2022
Run, don’t walk to the theatre!
This was just absolutely phenomenal! Incredibly funny from start to finish, with the most amazingly talented cast. All the actors were so natural and delivered such high quality acting in every aspect of the show. It was all so well timed and such an impressive performance. Unless you don’t want to laugh for two hours straight and have the time of your life, I suggest you go asap to catch a performance of this wonderfully witty play.
Amie, 19 Dec 2022
Exquisite timing - not played for laughs which made it even funnier.
Yvonne, 18 Dec 2022
Be ready to ache from laughing
You have to be really talented to make something so bad look this good. Have seen this twice and would happily go again.
Lesley, 03 Dec 2022
Was great but set was fell apart
Actors carried on the show however the entire set was broken and stuck back together.
Jemma, 13 Nov 2022
Like plays what he wrote on adrenaline
Starts with audience participation, has visual and comic line gags. Actors who enjoy every second on stage and make sure the audience has the best experience. If there is a more action packed spectacule on stage I would be surprised.
Philip, 11 Nov 2022
Really funny show
Very clever how this was put together. Thoroughly enjoyed this play. You laugh so much it keeps you high for ages. I would recommend this play to anyone who is up for a laugh.
Julie, 06 Nov 2022
Absolutely hysterical! I was sore from laughing so much. It was a sheer delight. The acting and set was fantastic!
Bronwyn, 05 Nov 2022
Amusing! Everything right about The Play That Goes Wrong!
Be ready to clap, cheer and laugh! This play is side splittingly funny. The humour is for everyone and the physical comedy cannot fail to raise a smile. Go and see!
Ashley, 29 Oct 2022
Pleasantly enjoyable very funny 😁
Sandie, 19 Oct 2022
Such a silly but hilarious comedy
I actually have been and seen this show twice in the last month, first I saw it with my mum then took my friend as we found it so entertaining and funny. I love it!!
Kirsty, 09 Oct 2022
Farce on steroids
To anyone who has ever had the pleasure of performing in a less than professional show at any time, you’ll doubtless recognise some of the tropes of bad theatre delivered with immaculate comic timing and great aplomb all round by a talented and energetic cast. The pace at which they build and hit you is frenetic and this production becomes the perfect distillation of every hilarious theatrical malaise you’ve ever encountered - from the beautifully understated “errors” in script delivery, to the precision timing of technical hiccups with lights, sound, and set, there is so much going on I fully intend to go back for a second visit as I guess I may have missed some bits previously. This performance starts off strongly delivered with a great rate of laughs and just gets faster and more outrageous throughout with just the most magnificent crescendo of farce you’ll ever see. Highly highly recommended to all. Bravo and Brava to an incredibly capable and infeasibly slick set of cast and crew to bring such anarchy to the stage. Monumental.
Sam, 02 Oct 2022
My abdomen hurts now!
I laughed through the whole show and fell in love with Tomisin Ajani just because of the great acting! Thank you for a wonderful laugh.
Gosia, 28 Sep 2022
Hilarious, my stomach hurt from laughing so much
Love the show, would love to see it again.
Warren, 25 Sep 2022
Funny, very on the nose humour, some played-out jokes
Actors were excellent, it takes a lot of skill to be over the top slapstick ridiculous and still keep audiences interested. The script is over the top, in a funny way, except when certain jokes get old towards the end (ongoing fight could’ve been much shorter).
Humberto, 23 Sep 2022
Will recommend this to everyone I know. Brilliantly acted and genuinely hilarious…all Theatre should be like this!
David, 22 Sep 2022
Very funny ..
Very entertaining very funny
Margarita, 11 Sep 2022
A must see
Brilliant storyline and acting with a laugh every minute
Andrew, 10 Sep 2022
A must see
Genuinely funny throughout. Very original and impressive. Can’t fault it.
Tim, 07 Sep 2022
Couldn’t stop laughing!
Go along and enjoy! Superb acting with amazing precision timing and literally a laugh a minute!
Nicola, 04 Sep 2022
The play was brilliant,energetic,clever and very funny.The actors were Brilliant fun!!I stood up and clapped at the end,as I thought the energy and enthusiasm from the actors was awesome.I would recommend this play to anyone.Even my sulky teenager was laughing away!!!
gill, 23 Aug 2022
Loved the show - original script great actors great timing
marie, 11 Aug 2022
timing is amazing
With all the tragedy in the world, it was nice to sit back and laugh. Loved the slapstick humor.
Louise, 09 Aug 2022
Best show i have ever seen
Elif, 08 Aug 2022
Oh we needed so much a couple of hours trouble free and the show have delivered. I can't remember last time when I laughed so much for continuous 2h. Definitely recommend to anyone who need some laugh and happy tears.
Agnieszka, 01 Aug 2022
If you miss it… you’ll regret it… so much:)
A pure laugh is what all of us really need… and this show strikes you to the point. They are extraordinary performers and the structure is great! Do yourself a favour: do NOT miss it!:)
ida, 01 Aug 2022
Must see
Absolutely amazing show! Me and my husband didn’t stop laughing my cheek bones were aching by the end 😂
Lauren, 31 Jul 2022
Hilarious performance, brilliant acting, best comedy I’ve seen in a long time, surpassed expectations!
Zenobia, 19 Jul 2022