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The Play That Goes Wrong - a Mischief Theatre production

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Friday, 18 June 2021

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Sunday, 29 October 2023

Running time
2 hours 5 minutes

Performance Times

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The Play That Goes Wrong

Meet the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society. They're absolutely dreadful, one of the most inept and talentless college amateur dramatics societies in Britain. When they come into an unexpected sum of money they can finally afford to stage a 1920s murder mystery. But everything that can go wrong does go wrong, as the group of horribly accident prone Thespians try, against considerable odds, to achieve the final curtain call.

If you like your plays funny you'll fall about laughing at the antics of this lot, a classic spoof if there ever was one. And it's already well on its way to becoming a cult theatre hit in the making. As Charles Spencer, the Telegraph's theatre critic, said: “For one hour the audience is bludgeoned with a succession of sight gags, mistimed lines, misplaced props and collapsing scenery that creates a rising tide of hysteria in the audience. I haven’t laughed so much in a theatre since the last revival of Noises Off.

You will never forget the hapless police inspector who pretends to take notes using a bunch of keys and a vase. The chaos that happens when the butler serves raw white spirit to the characters because he poured the fake whisky into a coal bucket. Or the lead role, who has a brilliant knack of mispronouncing the simplest words. One of the funniest plays to hit the West End for ages!

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Young Couples:

Funny, very on the nose humour, some played-out jokes
Actors were excellent, it takes a lot of skill to be over the top slapstick ridiculous and still keep audiences interested. The script is over the top, in a funny way, except when certain jokes get old towards the end (ongoing fight could’ve been much shorter).
Humberto, 23 Sep 2022
Will recommend this to everyone I know. Brilliantly acted and genuinely hilarious…all Theatre should be like this!
David, 22 Sep 2022
Very funny ..
Very entertaining very funny
Margarita, 11 Sep 2022
A must see
Brilliant storyline and acting with a laugh every minute
Andrew, 10 Sep 2022
A must see
Genuinely funny throughout. Very original and impressive. Can’t fault it.
Tim, 07 Sep 2022
Couldn’t stop laughing!
Go along and enjoy! Superb acting with amazing precision timing and literally a laugh a minute!
Nicola, 04 Sep 2022
The play was brilliant,energetic,clever and very funny.The actors were Brilliant fun!!I stood up and clapped at the end,as I thought the energy and enthusiasm from the actors was awesome.I would recommend this play to anyone.Even my sulky teenager was laughing away!!!
gill, 23 Aug 2022
Loved the show - original script great actors great timing
marie, 11 Aug 2022
timing is amazing
With all the tragedy in the world, it was nice to sit back and laugh. Loved the slapstick humor.
Louise, 09 Aug 2022
Best show i have ever seen
Elif, 08 Aug 2022
Oh we needed so much a couple of hours trouble free and the show have delivered. I can't remember last time when I laughed so much for continuous 2h. Definitely recommend to anyone who need some laugh and happy tears.
Agnieszka, 01 Aug 2022
If you miss it… you’ll regret it… so much:)
A pure laugh is what all of us really need… and this show strikes you to the point. They are extraordinary performers and the structure is great! Do yourself a favour: do NOT miss it!:)
ida, 01 Aug 2022
Must see
Absolutely amazing show! Me and my husband didn’t stop laughing my cheek bones were aching by the end 😂
Lauren, 31 Jul 2022
Hilarious performance, brilliant acting, best comedy I’ve seen in a long time, surpassed expectations!
Zenobia, 19 Jul 2022
Soo funny, a great evening and well worth being in our seats early! Thank you to you all x
Sally, 10 Jul 2022
2nd viewing and still laughing
Went see this 4 or 5 years ago.i had a friend come over from Denmark and just knew I had to take him to see it. Some different cast members but still funny as hell. British comedy at its best
David, 08 Jul 2022
So much fun!
I had one free evening in London when I was visiting for business and knew that this was the play I wanted to see. It's so clever and combines slapstick and (quite impressive) physical comedy with excellent comedic writing. To anyone who has ever seen or participated in community theatre, it's a must-see.
Danielle, 22 Jun 2022
Lighthearted all age show
Enjoyed the show. A bit of fun and suitable for any age. Not as funny as I’d expected but could be because we’ve seen on tv so knew what to expect. Theatre quite small and has intimate feel.
Lynn, 19 Jun 2022
Travel 4000 miles from Canada to laugh your #$$ off. Jolly well done!
Loved this show. Audience was invited and encouraged to become involved. Great fun and amazing set design. Can’t wait to see it when they get the kinks worked out🤣
Ian, 10 Jun 2022
Extremely funny and even sharper for regular theatre-goers
I have great experience seeing plays of all types. I took a 19 year old, inexperienced theatre-goer who has some learning challenges and she loved it because it was easy to follow, laugh-out loud funny and even if she didn't get the more sutble jokes, she thorougly enjoyed the production as did I.
Cheryl, 09 Jun 2022
Fab performance but needs a more progressive script
The acting was brilliant, their comic timing and ability was superb! I cannot fault any of the actors or directors; they are extremely talented. However, I feel as though the female actors were cheated with a script that made most of their humour sexualised despite all those actors having the ability to be comical in other ways. I was disappointed that even the female cast members who were acting as stage hands were also put into a position that grinding against another of the actors was supposed to be humorous; it was instead uncomfortable. Act 2 could do with a polish of the script. It was difficult to follow and at times it’s attempt at humour was lost in its absurdity. That being said, the concept was brilliant, and a classic stage tale. I thought the stage production was incredible and the comic timing was perfection. I also enjoyed the audience interaction during the interlude and prelude which set up jokes within the play brilliantly. I really like these actors, however, I feel as though this script could do with an update to make it more enjoyable and fluid in its story-telling - especially in the ending scenes.
Ella-Jane, 03 Jun 2022
Hysterically funny. The actors were amazing with their comedic timing. We loved it!!
Alena, 29 May 2022
Fantastic FARCE
High class physical comedy at its Harild Llyod best. Love the Duran Duran references and audience participation. Cheeky, zany and deliciously corny!!
Aidan, 29 May 2022
Can’t stop laughing
Excellent show with a great cast. View of the stage was good and intermission refreshments bubbly and cool. Loved it.
Sonja, 22 May 2022
Great show,
IAN, 21 May 2022
Hilarious slapstick humor
We laughed and laughed. Cheap show, lots of fun. Must see!!
Mel, 13 May 2022
The Play that Goes Wrong is so Wright 😉
What a show. Brilliant from start to finish. Great cast and so funny. Front of house and all the staff were lovely. Would highly recommend
Shane, 10 May 2022
Very entertaining show
Good laugh, sometimes a bit chringy, very entertaining, do not expect serious theater or surprising story
Thijs, 07 May 2022
Worth the trip from California!
So much fun. Very delightful.
Rene, 05 May 2022
Hilarious from start to finish!
This production was recommended as we loved the TV series (The Goes Wrong Show), from the moment we sat down to the end of the evening we were entertained and laughed until we cried!…This production doesn’t disappoint and will have you laughing all the way through it’s hilarious twists and turns and prop malfunctions.
Karl, 01 May 2022
Laughter all the way
Great seats, row H dress circle. Laughed from start to finish. Would really need to see it again as I am sure I missed some great lines. Go and see it, you won’t be disappointed.
Alan, 29 Apr 2022
Keith, 27 Apr 2022
Hilarious! Laughed from start to finish. Brilliant for adults and kids alike! Loved it!
Liz, 16 Apr 2022
Just simply EXCELLENT !!
This show is a MUST if you are a fan of the popular TV series ..it didnt fail to deliver on any level , from the moment the "stage hands & sound engineer" entered the stage it was non stop laughing , fantastic energy and acting from all concerned ,if you want to buy memorabilia you can get it at theatre reception ,there`s not a dedicated stall which can be confusing when looking around to purchase items . All in all a brilliant show i cant rate it highly enough 5 stars doesnt really do it justice
Terry, 13 Apr 2022
A must see
Everything about the show was great. Hilarious & the actors were fantastic
Denise, 10 Apr 2022
Sidesplittingly funny
I have never laughed so much for years. I absolutely would recommend this to anyone who likes a well acted, fast moving, brilliantly choreographed and hilarious play.
Jennifer, 06 Apr 2022
Loved the show,timings were perfect and the plot was good,plus all the stunts in between!!!Very funny..lots of laughs..
Rachael, 28 Mar 2022
Not to be missed!
A fabulous, hilarious, very clever & brilliantly acted play! Never stopped laughing. Thankyou!
june, 25 Mar 2022
Very entertaining!
Great fun,lively and felt the audience was included in the mayhem. Very cleverly executed.
Lorraine, 24 Mar 2022
Hilarious traditional farce
None stop laugh out loud bedlam , a traditional British farce . From start to finish the whole play was hilarious with the audience in stitches throughout . All the characters were strong and full of energy . I’ve seen this play twice now over 4 years . Content is suitable for most of the family but I’m not sure younger teens would appreciate the traditional farce element of the play . 10 out of 10 from my friend and I .
Elaine, 24 Mar 2022
Very funny, very well acted. Great entertainment.
Christopher, 21 Mar 2022
Never stopped laughing. Brilliant entertainment
Jackie, 21 Mar 2022
Can someone pick me up from the floor
So funny keep it up
Steven, 20 Mar 2022
Laughs right from the start
I was laughing all the way through. Good family fun, it is possible to be funny without being profane. The slapstick was amazing. Well done all the cast.
Felicia, 20 Mar 2022
Very funny
Wonderful cast and lots of laughs!
Eloise, 18 Mar 2022
Frolickingly funny
A good wholesome giggle it made me laugh it made me cry and even the odd snort or three An easy funny night at the theatre
Clint, 16 Mar 2022
Joyous Theatre!
Absolutely joy of a show. Brilliantly funny and highly original. I am so happy I bought last minute tickets. Go see this show you won’t regret it!
Shawna, 15 Mar 2022
Laughs from start to finish
Took the opportunity to see this show whilst in London for a few days.As a fan of the Mischief gang I was not disappointed at all. Even the wife laughed throughout- no mean feat.
Eddy, 10 Mar 2022
Absolutely brilliant!
We laughed all the way through it was fantastic! I booked the tickets the night before and it was well worth it. The cast were brilliant, made me laugh out loud and my face ached because of the laughing.
Lisa, 06 Mar 2022
Laugh a minute
Excellent energy hilariously funny from start to finish!
Caroline, 06 Mar 2022
Fits of Laughter
Thanks for the laughs, fun and memories we now have to share
Cheryl, 06 Mar 2022
Couldn't stop laughing. So much happening on stage you were looking everywhere. Really really talented actors. Absolutely brilliant. Worth every penny.
Karen, 03 Mar 2022
A must-see if you like physical comey
This is a masterpiece of timing and physical comedy and is clever enough to delivery a lot of unexpected gags. There are many that come as less of a surprise but all executed brilliantly. make sure you are seated 10 minutes before the show starts as it begins early.
Paul, 03 Mar 2022
Hilarious show
Show started exactly on time. Funny from start to end. Lots of action on stage and very humorous dialogue throughout. Actors were engaging with the audience. Break was long enough to get a refreshment etc. Very pleasant and helpful staff. We were allowed to bring our own coffee and cake which was fantastic. There is a bespoke cake shop just on the corner of the theatre so great if you want to get a coffee etc during a break.
Kamila, 01 Mar 2022
Great laugh
I saw the play yesterday with my 14 years old daughter and 9 years old son. We all truly enjoyed and have a tons of laughs. 100% worth it to see.
Anna, 28 Feb 2022
Utterly brilliant, we were all crying with laughter
Eleanor, 25 Feb 2022
We thought we knew what to expect as we’d watched the tv series however it was even better. A 5* performance.
Katy, 24 Feb 2022
Hilariously entertaining
Brilliant from start to finish. Comic timing, warm cast who were exceptional. Fun for all the family. Amazing set too when it stood up.
Andi, 24 Feb 2022
All age fabulous fun
Brought all our kids ranging from 7-18. Everyone laughed - even the moody teens! Big success.
Kathleen, 18 Feb 2022
A great fun evening entertainment
Very funny. A great fun night out. Just what we need after 2 years of Covid.
Richard, 14 Feb 2022
Timing Impeccable
Just excellent in every way. View was perfect, although the seats not great for lower back issues. (Take a cushion). Funny from start to finish and my 15 year old son absolutely loved it!
Caroline, 13 Feb 2022
One of the funniest shows I’ve seen in a very long time, the actors bounced well off each other and had incredible chemistry.
Kane, 12 Feb 2022
Great show
Took my nephews (9 & 12) and they thought it was great, laughed all the way through.
karen, 06 Feb 2022
Entertaining show
We had a good laugh during this show. Always difficult to fulfill high expectations as this show has top ratings and people say they laughed throughout. We found it funny and entertaining but also a bit silly. The actors are great though, especially Cecil.
Yvonne, 06 Feb 2022
A great performance that had us laughing out loud! Thoroughly recommend.
Lee, 05 Feb 2022
I never expected this show to be as funny as it is. We were all sore laughing. On reflection I have such admiration for the actors - exquisite timing and extraodinary energy. I heartily recommend this to anyone who wants a night off thinking about what a mess the country and the world are in and how useless the government is. Go and have a good laugh and reset yourself.
Donal, 03 Feb 2022
I became upset at the beginning with the reference to suicide (as there was no warning of this particularly when the play is a comedy) and it is a hugely personal and devastating subject for me. Also the term “committed suicide” was said which should never be used now as it has associations of criminality which is even more distressing. Maybe the script should be altered to eliminate this potential distress for theatre goers.
Catherine, 30 Jan 2022
Wasn’t sure what to expect still has me and my husband laughing a day after.
Sarahlea, 30 Jan 2022
Fabulous entertainment
Lovely small, atmospheric and intermit theatre. We felt we were part of the show. The show was so funny, brilliantly acted. Would thoroughly recommend for an evening of lighthearted entertainment.
Nina, 30 Jan 2022
A must see!
Very cleverly and well timed and delivered in terms of acting and comedy. The actors and all the staff are clearly passionate about the creative and performing arts and it was clear in this must - see performance. As a result will be attending the magic show that was advertised at the end of the performance.
Lorraine, 23 Jan 2022
So funny, very clever, actors should request danger money, with all the stunts they do! Brilliant
Brilliant full of laughter, slapstick and then some, Brilliant actors!
Kathy, 23 Jan 2022
So very funny
Do yourself a favour and watch this show
vicky, 22 Jan 2022
Well coordinated
Good for a laugh spot on
Dorothy, 20 Jan 2022
Blooming fantastic!,,
I was dubious… But… This was skilfully performed and in such a way that you found each actor hysterically funny, Each with their own style being hilarious was pretending to not be acting whilst pretending to be lost whilst pretending to be improvising… The show was skilfully performed and laugh out loud funny with an impromptu bit of stand-up comedy in the middle. I have not laughed out loud so much for so long for ages!
Mari, 16 Jan 2022
Such a talented cast. Good strong characters and brilliantly played. Very very funny. Don’t know how the cast keep up with the story line. Very physical! I would happily go back and see it again and again.
Candi, 15 Jan 2022
From beginning to end, although the show is long, my husband and 15yr old grandson laughed throughout. It could have been a little shorter. My grandson wondered instead of the fairly obvious climax...the whole set collapsing around the players....(wonderfully done) it might have been less obvious if everything suddenly turned out to work!!! Interesting thought from the teenager! But, we really had a great theatrical time. Thank you.
joanna, 13 Jan 2022
Lots of unexpected, great fun, great acting and improvisation. Enjoyed a lot with my teenage son. Great for any age audience.
Oksana, 09 Jan 2022
A masterpiece
This show should be on everyone's to see list. The cast were magnificent and looked so happy to be back performing. The story is brilliant and allows some individual improv moments which really add to the superb experience. How the crew keep straight faces sometimes is beyond me 👍👍👍👍👍
Stephen, 13 Dec 2021
Laughing from start to finish.
Slapstick comedy with excellent timing and performances. Guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face.
Neil, 12 Dec 2021
Laughed all the way through
Clever witty play that kept me laughing through out the play
Adel, 12 Dec 2021
Birthday treat
Wasn’t disappointed. The whole family enjoyed the show thoroughly. It did not disappoint.
Christopher, 09 Dec 2021
Fantastic moment of fun !!!
It was a great moment of fun. I llaugh, the public laugh all the time Go and have fun
magali, 25 Nov 2021
It fun and entertaining evening. Highly recommended
Sebastian, 21 Nov 2021
A very funny show
I loved it but not so sure about my 11 year old Granddaughter. Brilliantly performed and very enjoyable.
Gaynor, 21 Nov 2021
What a giggle
So funny from start to finish, a real “feel good” show. Had us laughing in our seats from the off. Easy to follow story line, actors brilliant (interacting well with the audience)
Linda, 20 Nov 2021
I laughed until I cried. Excellent acting, superb timing. Stage construction, amazing!
Rachel, 20 Nov 2021
A great evening of belly laughs
Exactly like the tv show, full on slapstick comedy. Am now appreciative of how skilful the actors have to be.
Barry, 20 Nov 2021
A silly and joyful show.
Rachel, 18 Nov 2021
Sadly underwhelming experience
I was really looking forward to this as I have enjoyed the TV series very much but sadly it left me pretty underwhelmed. I cannot fault the endeavour of the cast but it was just far too silly and slapstick laden for my liking. I managed the occasional chuckle but I had expected so much more.
Mark, 17 Nov 2021
Hilariously silliness
Fast moving murder mystery totally bonkers. Be prepared to laugh out loud and join in a bit of audience participation.
Christine, 07 Nov 2021
Fantastic, laughed so much. Energy was infectious. Feel really up lifted after seeing it.
Cast was great, really unique, laugh out loud play.must see.
Connie, 04 Nov 2021
it was perfect. we couldn't stop laughing and we are definitely going to recommend it to everyone we know :)
Tamar, 31 Oct 2021
Didn’t stop laughing
Really funny show, acted well as though it was the first time and the “mishaps” were for real.
Adam, 26 Oct 2021
Must see comedy
None stop hillarity from start to ginish with superb acting. Everyone was laughing and enjoying the show.
Colin, 25 Oct 2021
Fantastic show, a must see!
A fantastic show. Great fun, really well put together and a brilliant evening.
James, 18 Oct 2021
Must see!
The play was absolutely great. Extremely funny. It's for sure a must see!
Bianca, 18 Oct 2021
Very funny
This was a very funny production. Well worth seeing, would watch again and would try similar titles.
Madeleine, 18 Oct 2021
Blew me away
Cried laughing, told everyone how good it was. Says it all really
andrew, 17 Oct 2021
Must see!
Absolutely hilarious, chaotic by nature of the title but clearly rehearsed chaos which you can tell took hours of dedication and work. Very funny indeed, some brilliant actors !! Go see it!
Nancy, 16 Oct 2021
Mediocre- too silly to handle
it was ok. not as funny as I thought it would be. a few giggles here and there but I get more giggles in musicals which aren't 100% comedy. If you're looking for something sophisticated this isn't for you. If you want goofy and Mr. Bean-like slapstick, maybe you'll like it.
Israel, 13 Oct 2021